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Watch your WEIGHT! Bench Press Challenge!

Watch your WEIGHT! Bench Press Challenge!

The Bench Press Challenge is unlike competitive intramurals in that you name your goal and winning is working toward and reaching that objective.  IM Bench Press will test your ability to perform the bench press correctly after you submit your name and weight challenge to the Athletic Department.  After submission work on reaching your goal –always remember safety first and have a spotter! When you feel like you are ready to challenge yourself schedule your lift with Athletics for a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon between 3 pm - 7 pm.  Bring a spotter (or ask us for one before you lift) and challenge yourself! If you correctly perform your lift (full range of motion, feet planted) at your challenged weight you will get a free-t-shirt for achievement!   If you reach your weight there is always room to challenge yourself even further and sign up again.  Please submit your name and weight schedule your appointment today! * Please wear proper lifting attire ( sneakers, gym shorts or sweatpants and a t shirt).  NO HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS - you will need to hear the judges instructions.

Submission Example:                   

Bob Lifter           

250 lbs                                 

4:00 PM

April 6, 2017





Spring is a great time to watch your WEIGHT!




Previous Top Bench Press Challenge Finishers 
Name Challenge
Levi Schmidt 205
Kwame Simmons 205
Matt Aten 225
Mike Pietrowski 345
Jeff Curran 225
Adam Martin 250
Tom Salkoskas 225
Ashlee Latter 120
Zeb Cross


Josh Kinney 255
Kade Kolheffer 100
Nusrat Shanawaz 225
Brian Escobar 175
Charles Bryan 205